The Importance of Primers in Your Makeup Routine

By Maddy Berry 


The other week while shopping at Sephora, one of their sales associates suggested I pair my Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr foundation with the Fenty Beauty primer. As I usually put full trust in the knowledge of the Sephora associates, I took her advice and decided to splurge on the 32$ primer.

I have used primers before, namely the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. I understand the importance of them, however, I was left with the question: should primers and foundations be paired perfectly, or do primers universally work with all foundations?

Before diving in, it is important to understand why primers are so coveted in beauty routines. Primers give a certain layer, or texture, on top of your skin which keeps the foundation looking better, longer. Sometimes our skin can be flaky or dull, while other times it can be wet and oily.

Tip: this is exactly why you need to look into each primer before buying. Some primers may work well with your skin while others don’t.

In the case of my experience at Sephora, the sales associate explained to me that sometimes the ingredients in primers do not match well with that in some foundations. Rihanna and her team at Fenty Beauty have engineered the perfect recipe for their primers and foundation to work together.


Although this is a marketing scheme for Fenty Beauty and encourages the purchase of more products, it really does work. I have been using the Pro Filtr Foundation for 6 months and have loved it! But my ‘full coverage’ look drastically changed as soon as I paired it with the primer. In record time, my foundation stayed flawless for over 14 hours. (Oops, I know I slept in it! This was a one time accident!) The next morning, my roommate even mentioned how my foundation still looked completely untouched from the night before.

This was not the case just a few months ago, when I was pairing my Pro Filtr foundation with random primers I had around my vanity. By the time I would come home from a night out, the texture of my skin underneath my foundation would be peaking out, just asking to be washed off.

The moral of the story is: primers and foundations should always be matched! A lot of times, make up companies will match the ingredients of these two products to work best together. Yes, this is a marketing plot for them, but it also makes it easier for the customer. If you trust one of their products, why not take a chance and trust another one of theirs?

If you’re stuck with a great foundation but find that the matching primer doesn’t work as well, don’t be afraid to experiment with other products. Any great makeup artist will tell you that beauty routines are always experimental! Part of the fun of makeup is figuring out which products work best for you. Plus, Sephora and Ulta are always available to let you try out different products in store before you buy!

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