The Art Of Masking

By Marie Chazoule 


Masking. As skincare junkies, we know how important masking is. And, there are so many options to choose from! We have masks that brighten, soothe, retexturize, soften, clarify, purify, hydrate, firm, peel, lift, detox, etc. Masking for me is a huge pleasure that I like to partake in a solid 4 times per week.

In the past I didn’t have a huge stash of masks like I do now, so the few masks that I did have were precious to me and I didn’t want to use them up so fast. Soon after that period in my life I started to become a face mask and skincare hoarder in general. It was only recently, however, that I started devising a “masking schedule” for myself. I designate a certain day of the week for a specific type of mask. On Mondays and Fridays, I use a purifying/detoxing mask, and on Wednesdays, I do a chemical peel/chemical exfoliation (AHAs/BHAs) mask, and Sundays are reserved for hydrating/moisturizing masks.

I came up with this masking schedule because I wanted to have a regularly scheduled time in my week for a certain kind of mask – by dividing up categories of masks and designating them for specific days in the week, I am able to provide myself with structure in terms of trying to gauge results from a certain mask.

If I want to see results from one particular AHA/BHA mask, and it’s the kind of mask that can only be used once a week, into the Wednesday slot it goes, for as long as I am able to determine whether or not it works for my skin. For me, masking is a ritual. It’s those 30 minutes that I take out of my day to just sit there in all the good gooeyness that is a face mask.


Face masks promise to fix part of us, whatever superficial part of us that may be, and that is why I hold them in such high regard. They are supposed to help our skin instantly, and to me that makes them pretty magical.

Whether you’re a face mask enthusiast like me or you’re just getting started, I highly recommend coming up with a masking schedule that works for your particular skin needs! With this kind of organized structure, you will surely start to be able to gauge more easily what masks for you and what masks don’t. Good luck and happy masking!


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