Pollution & Skincare: How to Protect Your Skin Against Its Harmful effects

By Erica Weston 

Harper’s Baazar 

A ‘’sun-worshipper”…that’s what my dad used to call me when I was in high school, spending those endless summer days outside with my friends.  I cherished that bronzy glow I got every summer. But now being an adult, I have to take a much more cautious approach, especially year-round. And with so much information available, I now know about the importance of not just protecting my skin in the sun, but also from the pollution around me.  Yep, that’s a real thing. And whether you live in a giant metropolis or not, chances are, you’re likely seeing the effects of pollution on your skin.

Drying, uneven skin tone, acne, dark spots, wrinkles….those are some of the common side effects pollution can have on your skin.  Great. But, if you want to continue to live your life not stuck inside, there’s a lot of good options now to protect your skin from pollution.

Drunk Elephant D. Bronzi Anti- Pollution Sunshine Drops ($36)



The tough part about protecting your skin from environmental factors is that sometimes it means cutting down on time outside. My natural skintone is pale, with pink under tones. If I’m out in the sun even for 15 minutes, I’ll get red no matter what…cue the “hey you look really sunburned” remarks. And insert eyeroll.  The good news about this particular product is that it gives you the protection against the toxins in the air with antioxidants and vitamins, but it also gives you a beautiful bronzy glow! Making it look like you have that perfect sun kissed glow.

 When in reality, I know I’m shielding my skin from pollutants, but also looking like I got that dose of sun while vacationing over the summer. Win, win right?

Coola Full Spectrum 360 Sun Silk Drops ($46)



I watched a YouTube video a few months back on Jenna Dewan’s at home skincare routine, and I was never the same. I mean that in a good way!  This gorgeous woman takes exceptional care of her skin, and she used a particular product I wanted to try. It was out of my price range, so I found the next best thing.  And the way she applied it was a game changer for me personally. These drops give you the SPF, if that’s something you want, it also gives you full spectrum protection as well as blue light exposure. I had NO idea my phone/computer screen could damage my skin! The way Ms. Dewan applies her drops is by putting a few in the palm of her hand, rubs them together and pushes the product in to her skin.  This tactic is great because it pushes the product into the skin instead of the product just sitting on the surface. 

Murad City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50 ($65)



When the name has “city skin” in it, it’s bound to be the perfect product for living in a city and dealing with all the pollution that comes with it.  I’m drawn to it just by the name itself. How about what’s inside the bottle? This is actually a mineral sunscreen that has environmental protection technology and Vitamin C all wrapped in one product! Many people have raved about this product and claimed to have no white cast on the skin after application. 

 Truthfully, this isn’t one I use in my current every day skincare, but it’s certainly one I’d like to try if my current go-to’s aren’t getting the job done.  There are so many options out now, with all the science to back them up, there’s no excuse not to be protecting that gorgeous face of yours from pollution.




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