The Benefits Of Face & Body Cupping

By Joan Lee

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Facial tools are all the craze right now and there’s one set of facial/body tools that has caught my attention recently and that is the face and body silicone cups. I received a cupping set from the generous Solaris Laboratories, better known for their Gua Sha tool and Rose Quartz rollers, and have been using these cups for 4 weeks consistently.

Before I give my thoughts and share my experience, let’s first start with a general introduction of face and body cupping. Cupping Therapy is a non-invasive, painless technique that has been used as holistic traditional medicine across civilizations from Asia to Egypt for thousands of years.

During the massage technique, a simple application of vigorous, quick, rhythmical strokes stimulates the muscles while moving stagnant lymph and blood, removing toxins and replenishing the same area with oxygenated blood and nutrients.

You suction the cup, place the cup on the area of interest and glide up and out to stimulate the skin. This vacu-therapy cupping, on the body, actually stimulates fibroblasts cells to produce collagen, reducing the dimpled appearance where cellulite is prevalent. The cupping has physiological effects on the cells; the fiber collagen network is strengthened underneath the skin.

Here are the benefits of body cupping:

  • Stretch marks 
  • Reduce cellulite 
  • Detox the body 
  • Relax muscles 
  • Relieve pain from sciatica/ back pain 
  • Reduce anxiety & depression
  • Facilitate the flow of lymph 

Here are some benefits of face cupping:

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Natural face lift, firm, plump and tone
  • Ease expression lines
  • Tones up and evens out the jaw-line 
  • Facial glow as fresh nutrients brought to the epidermis 
  • Ease puffiness and reduce edema 
  • Increases collagen production 
  • Tighten/shrink pores Improves elasticity to tighten loose skin Soften and reduce scar tissue 

It’s been recommended that the cupping be used for at least 5-15 minutes a day for 3-4 times a week. Although effects may be noticeable immediately, it’s recommended for continuous long term use to maintain results. Depending on the individual’s skin type and commitment of usage, results will vary.

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It’s better to ensure that the skin is well lubricated with oil so that the success of massaging and gliding the cups is effective! It’s most encouraged to use in the shower while the body and face are lathered with soap; hence, the silicone cups which are safe to use with water present.

My experience with the face and body cups have not only been successful but also very therapeutic. I’ve focused the body cups particularly on my thighs where cellulite is dominating my legs. At first, cupping the back of my thighs was super sensitive since I find squeezing the thigh area slightly painful but after getting some used to, it began to feel therapeutic. I noticed that the thighs felt less uncomfortably tight with some tension relief as a result of body cupping. I focused on one significantly deep dimple that seemed to diminish a little after cupping consistently in the same area for 4 weeks.

I noticed a difference in the way my legs feel and the way certain areas appear, making me very pleased with the promising results. As for my face, I haven’t noticed a significant difference because I am consistently jade rolling as well! I continued to focus the cups on my face for a plump and lifted appearance and focused the smaller cups for my under eyes to help circulation where dark circles are prominent.

I highly encourage the silicone cupping for the body as the results are noticeable and great therapeutically! Are you interested? Check out Solaris Laboratories for more information!

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