Brand Review: Flesh Beauty

By Nina Haines 
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Skincare and makeup brands these days just seem to pop out of Instagram every few months. Glossier, Lilah B, Kylie Cosmetics, Make Beauty, Fenty, Glow Recipe, Mount Lai, Leo Oil. I could go on. The newest brand is Flesh Beauty, an outgrowth of Revlon that gives off Glossier’s older sister who wears bolder makeup vibes.

Flesh launched 40 foundations shades (WOOHOO!!), three different highlighters, four different lip products, powder blush, an illuminating primer, a universal glitter eye and cheek gloss known as “Fleshpot,” and a nine-shade eyeshadow palette. Quite an impressive range of products to launch with if you ask me, considering brands like Glossier only launched with 3 products, but then again Flesh has Revlon as their parent company and cannot be considered a “startup.”

Flesh’s website is an aesthetic blend of Glossier, KKW Beauty, and Milk Makeup. In other words, it’s neutral, minimalist, and quite generic in design. This extends to the packaging, which is very simple and echoes the minimalist skin/flesh-tones of the website. Naturally, it’s super Instagrammable and easily shareable. With the beauty industry needing a reality check in diversity, Flesh Beauty is a welcomed, much-needed shift in the right direction.

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Touch Flesh Highlighting Balm

Now, let’s get to the products. Here are my thoughts on their most buzz-worthy launches!

Firm Flesh Thickstick Foundation: Flesh advertises this as “medium coverage with a luminous, lightly dewy, not-chalky finish.” The 40 shades have super cute food and drink related names like “Tiramisu” and “French Toast.” While I’m in favor of the Fenty style that assigns numbers to shades, I’m glad they didn’t go fully in the direction of Nars, which uses locations around the world for skin tones, or other typical drugstore beauty brands that have their lightest shade named “nude” and darker shades named “almond,” “nutmeg,” “hazelnut” and other various nut-related colors (trust me, it’s super weird and common). Unfortunately, the stick is only 0.16 oz of product for $18, and Ulta reviews didn’t fail to point out.

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Fleshpot Eye & Cheek Gloss: A peach gloss flecked with pink and gold pigments gives eyelids, cheeks and lips a glimmery sheen when worn alone or over makeup.” Flesh claims it’s non-sticky and lightweight, but like the foundation, you don’t get a lot of product for the $20 price tag (only 0.1 oz to be exact). I really love the glossy eye look (I usually use the Glossier lipgloss over Glossier Gen G in Cake for a nude, glossy lid) and would be excited to try it!

Ripe Flesh Glisten Drops: This is Flesh’s take on the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops, and for a fraction of the price. At $28, you get 0.6 oz of product. It comes in 4 shades: Whisper (a pale rose gold), Aura (a pink based pearl color), Candleglow (golden topaz) and Vibrate (gilded chocolate). I think the only shade missing is a true champagne shade for paler skin tones with golden undertones (like myself!).

What product are you most excited by?

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July 30, 2018 3:33 PM

Great review x

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