What I’ve Learned From Katie Jane Hughes

By Nina Haines 

Katie Jane Hughes, in my humble opinion, is the most iconic makeup artist of 2018. She’s relatable, honest, accessible via social media, and has pioneered a new makeup style: glossy skin. Yes, we are all obsessed with glossy, dewy, luminous skin because of Glossier, but KJH combines it with dramatic eyeshadow looks, liquid lipsticks, and her signature statement earrings. The result, a maximalist look made from minimalist techniques.

Besides being makeup artist to the stars, such as her new business partner for Rose Inc. Rosie Huntington Whitely, and doing the makeup looks for the marketing campaigns of every Glossier product launch, KJH is a dedicated to sharing her tips and tricks through Instagram Stories and Live.

Heres a little round-up of the ones I’ve found to be most helpful:


Style Lobster

1. Weleda Skin Food. This is KJH’s signature product. It can be used in so many ways – as a universal skin salve for dry skin all over the body, as a face mask, as a highlighter, as a facial moisturizer, as a makeup primer. It is quite fragranced, so be aware of that if you’re sensitive.

2. Only apply skincare and makeup where you need it. For example, place your “glow” skincare products (oils, creams) mostly on the high points of your face, as it will emphasize the glowy makeup you put on top! For complexion products, specifically concealer, only place it where you need coverage (redness, blemishes, dark circles, etc.). Less is more!!

3. Use micellar water as prep for makeup because if your skin isn’t prepped correctly, your base won’t look good – this includes skincare. Micellar water is great as a midday pick me up before you put your skincare snack prep and makeup on for a night out. Put it on a cotton pad and lightly sweep over your face in upward strokes.

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 3.10.49 PM


4. With eyeshadow, start small and build your way up. It is easier to add than it is to take away. Blend, blend, blend!

5. Experiment freely with makeup, and carefully with skincare. Makeup is temporary and washes off, so why not try that crazy eyeshadow look you have saved on Instagram? If you make a mistake, don’t forget to keep micellar water and some cotton swabs on hand.

As for skincare, incorporating new products and masks into your routine can be fun and rewarding; however, patch test new products before applying them all over your face and make sure to introduce one new product at a time. This prevents your skin from freaking out and not knowing which product is causing it!

6. Glossy skin always!! Don’t be afraid of the dew and glow!

What is your favorite Katie Jane Hughes youtube video?

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