Summer Fomo Prevention Plan

By Amanda Klein 

As someone who thrives in the summer sunshine, I am not an overly happy camper watching the summer weather happen from an office window. If the sun is shining, and I’m not running into waves, moving my toes through sand, or sticking my face upwards toward the sun to bask in the rays, I get quite anxious and cranky. Summer is my soul food, but the reality is that we have to work, and often times work does not involve frolicking on a beach, so I know I’m not alone in experiencing the “Summer Fomo.”

I am solution-focused, however, so I won’t let summer just be a Saturday and Sunday thing. There are so many products that can make you feel like you’re experiencing summer throughout the day, whether you’re inside or outside, at the beach or in the concrete jungle. Below are products that allow you to bring summer to you, no matter what you are doing.


Glossier’s Balm Dot Com in CoconutEver since I was little, I’ve loved lip balm – it wasn’t even about wearing it, though I do obsessively apply all things that will prevent chapped lips from happening; it was more about the packaging and just having and holding a cute little lip balm that went with the seasons. Glossier’s balms are no exception – they are fun to have. As a bonus, they even double as a cuticle fixer-upper. The balm is so smooth, not sticky, and it really lasts. And, it comes in coconut! There is nothing more summery than the smell of coconut. It feels like I’m smack in the middle of summer heaven when I apply it. Using it truly makes me happy.

Kiehl’s Cactus Flower & Tibetan Ginseng Hydrating MistMisting in general gives me summer feels. I absolutely love being near water or in the water. To me, nothing is more refreshing or freeing, so the cool bursts of floral water on my face really refreshes me both physically and mentally. It’s like a quick little jump into the ocean. There are some that are especially seasonal, at least in my opinion, such as this one by Kiehl’s. It has Geranium, Lavender and Rosemary, in addition to the Cactus Flower, the bright green color screams succulents and palm trees. Herbivore’s Rose Hibiscus Mist is also a great option, however the mist stream is more concentrated, and in my “I need the ocean” moments, I like it to cover larger surfaces of skin.


Stila Shimmer and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow – (I have it in “Kitten Karma”) – This is the greatest eye product ever created. Bold statement? Then it fits! This glitter bomb gives off mega mermaid vibes. The colors are stunning, and it looks like loose glitter has been spread all across your eyelids. You could dot then dab it all over your lid to make it truly look like you’ve poured glitter on yourself (my preference), or you could swipe the color on for a more opaque shimmery shade. With sun-kissed skin or some bronzed cheeks and very little other eye makeup, paired with a lengthening mascara, you’ll have a beautiful mermaid look that lasts all day.

REPLICA Beach Walk by Maison Margiela – What better way to experience summer than to smell like it? A summer fragrance is always a necessity. This one is light and airy with a mix of flowers and the ocean’s sea salt. I love how Victoria describes it – as similar to that scent of when you just get back from a long, hot day at the beach, and you shower and put on perfume, feeling like you’re once again put together following a day in the life of a sweaty beach bum. Tell me that does not paint a perfect picture!

Bath & Body Works Body (or Hand) Cream – Hand cream is a desktop and bag essential, and in my opinion, the best way to feel connected to each season throughout each day. As soon as summer hits, I immediately swap hand creams, and the same goes for every other season. It’s something that can be used casually all day long, the scents are strong enough to truly experience them, and you could always benefit from hydrating your hands. Right now, B&BW is selling their large tubes for just $3.95 – huge sale! The company may not be known for their high quality skincare, but they have the best-smelling creams for each season, as well as pretty packaging. My favorites are Honolulu Sun and Oahu Coconut Sunset. This is no exaggeration – I smile outloud (that may not be a thing, but I know you know what I mean) whenever I apply either of these. They smell like bottles of tropical vacation.


Watermelon Glow Pink Juice – I have not tried this, but I am dying to! Watermelon is my favorite fruit, especially during the summertime, which makes this already beautiful bottle even more appealing. Most reviews show that people find it incredibly hydrating yet lightweight, so a perfect choice for this season. Its antioxidants also help fight free radical damage which often result from the sun, so it’s especially perfect for this time of year.


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