I Got My First Facial—Here’s What to Expect

By Taylor Lane


I consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable when it comes to all things beauty, especially skincare. I test new products, and have set a consistent routine for what works for my skin. For the last year I have developed adult acne and I figured this was a part of getting older (I am in my late 20s).

As a beauty writer it’s pretty embarrassing to admit that I have not enjoyed a facial or had the experience that most skincare lovers have. For some reason the fear of coming out with more acne seemed daunting.  This week on a current visit to my family in Maryland, I decided why not get a facial? Its summer and I wanted to enjoy some self-care timeso I booked a facial.

I decided to visit the closest spa to my family’s small home town in Catonsville, MD just a few minutes outside of Baltimore City. The spa was located in the super gym, Lifetime Fitness, and was easy to access. I was nervous at first, but the aesthetician was wonderful and extremely knowledgeable.  

I began by completing a questionnaire that asked me about my skin care routine, and any concerns that I might have. I focused on the last year of horrendous breakouts that I was havingafter that my session began.

What to expect


While uncomfortable, it is extremely helpful to have someone who is trained in proper extractions take care of your skin. I like to play dermatologist at home, and think that I am taking care of my own blemishes the correct way, but I quickly learned quite the opposite.

Your Skincare Issues May Not Be What You Thought

I have thought for over a year that I was struggling with adult acne. The aesthetician told me that my skin was congested and that there is a difference. I have seen a few dermatologists that have told me its solely been hormonal acne. While hormonal breakouts are common, sometimes it is not the only problem. Congestion can occur when the skin does not have enough time to breath and replenish itself. She suggested wearing less makeup, and less overloading of my products at night.

You Need Consistent Treatments

If you were hoping to have more than one issue addressed that won’t happen. Most spas have multiple clients in a day, so going over your session most likely won’t be an option.  Not to worry, to have successful results after your first facial, you will need to have them consistently performed. Every few weeks is sufficient.

Any addiotnal treatments or products will be recommended to you after your session.

Overall, I loved my experience and the time to relax was great! I’m already looking forward to my next facial and a better complexion.  

*Featured image: Allure.com

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