The Minimalist Routine For The Maximalist

By Amanda Klein 

I am not by ANY means a minimalist. Sure, I daydream about how chic and easy my life would be; how cool my apartment would look with that Swedish style of nearly nothing theme; how quickly it would take me to pack for a short visit to my parents’ house or how go with the flow I would seem arriving at my weekend destination. I am becoming more and more accepting of the fact that it’s just not who I am. However, sometimes, there is simply not enough time to do a full skincare routine, and sometimes you truly can’t pack it all.

While I still struggle with letting go of the “no product left behind” rule when packing, below is a “good enough” routine to turn to for when the maximalist does not have the luxury to be said maximalist.  And, for when this happens to you – I send my condolences; but, not to worry!

Face Wash and Makeup Remover


I’m lumping these together because TG for Glossier’s Milky Jelly Cleanser. If you read this blog and give even 1/80th of care about your skin, you probably know that both washing your face and taking off your makeup are as essential as breathing. Thanks to this handy dandy miracle and Allure Best of Beauty Winner 2017, you don’t have to pack two separate things or go through two separate steps. I have officially lost count of how many times I’ve repurchased this product. It’s so gentle, its cooling quality is so soothing, and it truly does the job.

Eye Cream

A few years ago, I read a quote from Kendall Jenner about how the best beauty advice her mom has ever given her was to use lots of eye cream. Well, Kendall Jenner uses lots of eye cream, so I use lots of eye cream. I opt for one that is super hydrating because thanks to my father (who I love dearly despite this), I have inherited a gene that involves major sodium retention, so I constantly have puffy bags underneath my eyes. Seriously, after a night of beer or chinese food, taking off the rings on my fingers is nearly impossible, and I could kiss the possibility of waking up with a jawline goodbye. My go-to is Origin’s GinZing Eye Cream, and if you are really feeling splurgy, AMOREPACIFIC’s Intensive Vitalizing Eye Essence is just mind-blowing.



If I’m being challenged by the universe and am forced to pack extremely lightly, I’ll bring a serum that doubles as just as useful for both the morning and the evening – a great example is something with Hyaluronic Acid, like The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Serum. Hyaluronic acid is lightweight yet hydrates multiple layers of the skin. It’s always in my routine in some form.


Opt for a more intense version of whatever you use for your specific skin needs since you aren’t doing your full routine. I am always focused on hydration, so rather than packing Glossier’s Priming Moisturizer, I’ll pack a product that is on the thicker side. My two ride or die’s are Glossier’s Priming Moisturizer Rich, and for the warmer seasons, Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream. Both are so incredibly hydrating – more so than any others that I’ve tried; Kiehl’s is just thinner than Glossier’s Rich, so I prefer it for the warmer weather.

While I feel like every little step is a MUST, (I mean what on earth did I ever do without oxygen masks!?), the reality for at least the majority (there are of course extenuating circumstances) is that your life and skin will go on without a few steps from time to time. The above will guard all of your hard work that you’ve put into taking care of your skin. Hey, it ain’t easy being a minimalist!


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