Review: Glossier’s Lash Slick

By Nina Haines 

Let me preface this article by saying that I am so blessed to have naturally long, slightly curled lashes. Before purchasing the Glossier Lash Slick, I never really wore mascara except for when I did theater in middle school – I maintained it made me look like a bug because I have huge eyes, and clumpy lashes did not help.
And then Glossier came out with Lash Slick. I’m still waiting for the day when Glossier releases a product and I don’t immediately purchase it. It’s a problem – I’m working on it (cross your fingers that I have more willpower during their next launch). I ordered me and my mother a tube each and prayed that this would become the mascara to change my mind about mascaras.
As soon as I put on one coat of Lash Slick, I audibly said: “WOW” (well… I think I said a few four letter words after that because I both was surprised and angry about how much I liked it. Glossier had won me over yet again). As you can see in my before and after photo, Lash Slick separates my lashes, lengthens my lashes, but still makes them look natural, like they’re still MY lashes.
Let’s go through each claim Glossier makes about Lash Slick. I’ve worn the formula for over two weeks now and would love to share my thoughts with you all!
  1. Water Resistant – YES. Can and will remain intact after a good cry or a liberal rosewater spritzing session.
  2. Doesn’t Flake – YES. I’ve heard the contrary from some people on Instagram, but Lash Slick did not flake on me, even though it has fibers.
  3. Doesn’t Smudge – NO. I have oily eyelids (Lidstar creases on me, despite its claim to not crease) and the formula smudged a little bit via transferring from my top and bottom lashes (long lash problems), but it was easily cleaned up and didn’t smudge for the rest of the day.
  4. Lasts All Day – YES.
  5. Curls and Sculpts / Holds A Curl – NO. I have also heard mixed feelings about Glossier claiming to have created a non-waterproof mascara that acts like a waterproof one. Nothing holds a curl like waterproof mascara, and Lash Slick is only water resistant. 
  6. Looks Like Lash Extensions – YES AND NO. I’ve never had lash extensions, so I can’t fully speak on this. One coat of the mascara will make them look super natural, but if you do more than two or three I think they’ll begin to look too coated to have the natural lash extension look.
  7. Biotin Strengthens and Conditions Over Time for Healthier, Softer Lashes – UNSURE. I haven’t used it long enough to make this determination.
  8. Non-Irritating (Suitable for Contact-Wearers and Sensitive Eyes) – YES. I accidentally poked my eye with the want and there was no irritation, very surprisingly, from the formula. I wear contacts and have sensitive eyes, and have no complaints!
Let me know what you think of Lash Slick down below in the comments.
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Kaitlin McQueen
June 12, 2018 11:11 AM

I’ve been wanting to try some more items from Glossier but I find them to be a little expensive and can’t commit to actually ordering from them.

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