A Mask A Day



By Amanda Klein

You know what they say – a mask a day, keeps your skin at bay! Ok, I just made that up, but that should absolutely be a thing because it’s true. Face masking is a hobby of mine – I look forward to tearing open a new sheet mask after a long day at work and feeling 30-40 minutes of zen while my skin gets all happy and hydrated.

I also love the quick masks that sit on your skin for a few short minutes while you finish up other parts of the nighttime routine. I decided to do a different mask everyday for five days in a row and review them, as well as do a final evaluation of my skin after the week of masking. Check out the reviews below!


Pixi Glow-02 Oxygen Mask


“This oxygen mask revives dull and tired skin, providing an anti-fatigue effect, perfect before a big event or makeup application.” My short review: Truth! My longer review: I love watching the formula completely evolve on my skin. It goes from a clear gel, to a bubbly Santa beard in just a minute, and man does it work. It is mind blowing to see how my skin becomes instantly plumper, and the contour returns to my face (I retain salt extremely easily, despite having a low-sodium diet). This mask really revives my skin, just as was created to do. As a bonus, it has a low price point, and as an extra bonus, I was able to snag this for $1 at a beauty sale that was held at work!




Glossier Moon Mask

“A deep dive beneath the surface to visibly plump skin up with hydration, helping to smooth the appearance of fine lines and restore elasticity.” My review: Oh, GMM (is it cool if I call you that?), I just love you so much. This is a big time go to for me, and icing on the cake – the pot lasts a long time, even if you use a rather generous amount. It does everything that it says it will. The Moon Mask has the same effects as a sheet mask, which I love because as much as I love sheet masks, they slip and slide and disable me from drinking my tea or eating my evening pita chips with ease. This mask also absorbs ino the skin so well – you can watch it disappear little by little as the minutes role on. I have repurchased this at least eight times now (please don’t tell me what that money math is, thanks!).

Ponds Hydrate and Firm Mask 

Hydrates and helps firm skin, leaving it looking lifted and youthful.” Holy Moly!!!! If you saw my jaw drop to the floor after I took this mask off, I wouldn’t have to explain any further, but you weren’t there, so here is my review: HELL. YES. I was amazed when I peeled that sheet off. I swear, pounds of sodium-swollen skin and retained water had completely disappeared. A contour that I have never seen appeared, and my skin looked so smooth, firm, and bright. I admit that I tend to be one of those name brand people who sort of poo poo the drugstore brands when it comes to skincare. Well, poo poo no more. I am going to buy a ton of these. This is just as impressive, if not more impressive than some of my all time favorite masks! I left this one on for 30 minutes. The package instructed to keep it on for 15 minutes, but it also said that you do not have to wash it off – that you could just massage it into your skin afterwards. This implies that extended wear of the mask is safe.

Kiehl’s Ginger Leaf & Hibiscus Firming Mask 



“An overnight facemask that delivers smoother-looking skin.” It is also said to have an instant firming effect. My review: I didn’t totally receive this result. In their defense, and I will admit it – I already have smooth skin. That is one life problem that I do not have (haha). To be totally honest, and I am a die-hard Kiehl’s girl, I just didn’t love this one. Using it as it is intended – overnight – was a big no for me. Perhaps I should have put it on much further away from bedtime to let it soak into my skin for longer, but this was sticky, and I could feel it coming off onto my (Slip Silk!) pillowcase. I even had a tough time falling asleep. I was so conscious of it being on my face and rubbing off on my linens that I was subconsciously attempting some very odd sleeping positions. I eventually gave up and wiped it off. I tried an alternative use: mixed it in with my Kiehl’s Ultra Facial cream. I was much more pleased. I do think that I woke up with extra hydrated, glowy skin. My advice would be to put this on right when you get home and take it off prior to doing your full routine before bed, or mixing it into your evening moisturizer.

Peter Thomas Roth – Cucumber Gel Mask 

“It helps soothe, hydrate and detoxify the look of dry, irritated skin.” My review: Meh. It definitely makes me face look a bit more refreshed, and it’s very cooling going on, but the gel quickly dries and morphs into a layer of what feels like dull dryness on your skin’s surface. I like to feel dewy at the very least following a mask treatment, and this just does not do that. I had high hopes for this product, so I’m a bit disappointed.

Evolution of my Skin: My skin maintained hydration and contour better than the weeks that did not involve as continuous of masking sessions. However, I do find that these masks provide more instant as opposed to long-term glory. What did I expect, though? I did not get a Joanna Vargas facial or botox, and after all, masking is typically used for times when we need to have especially good skin days. They also provide long-term health benefits for our skin, and those are not always obvious upon removal, but in several years from now when we are thanking ourselves for giving our skin the attention that its future self needed.


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