Let’s Talk About Hair… Down there.

By Joan Lee

How often do you talk with your friends about your hair ‘down there’? Probably not as often as you talk about the hair on your head, huh? We’re naturally just shy about discussing pubic hair care but it’s about time we include it in part of our self-care and body care… No more being embarrassed!

I had the privilege to try some pubic oils from Bush Balm and Fur. Both oils were generously gifted for me to try; I thought it was about time to discuss brands and companies that produce pubic oils, instead of shying away from the fact that our skin and hair in the pubic region definitely need some attention too! Just as a disclaimer, I will not be discussing both brands as a comparison to each other but will be highlighting both Fur and Bush Balm, so that people are aware about the importance of taking care of our sensitive areas.



Bush Balm generously sent me their Sweet Escape Pubic Oil and I was immediately drawn to the fact that although it smelled sweet, it was not an overpowering fragrance. The vanilla scent is pleasant enough that it actually makes you want to use it! The brand started when someone used beard oil on his pubic region one day. He saw results as his hair softened and knew that this could actually go somewhere. After that, he and a few others began to make various oils and scents that would take this idea much further than just using it on beards; it would now be used for the pubic region, tips of hair, armpits, and legs.

Bush Balm is now made so that both females and males can use it for the pubic region whether it’s shaved, waxed or left au naturale. Those who have used the oil have said that it reduces redness, irritation and prevents ingrown hairs. Bush Balm commits to daily pubic care, leaving pubic hair and skin soft and smooth. Their ingredients are phenomenal and the product is 100% vegan!

Bush Balm contains:

Jojoba oil: Naturally softens the skin and hair.

Grapeseed oil: Dries quickly allowing the oil to soak right into the skin.

Tea Tree oil: Impedes ingrown hairs through anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.



Personally, I shave and have never suffered from ingrown hairs but I do notice skin dryness and irritation where the hair grows after shaving. Using Bush Balm has prevented dryness and irritation, immediately soothing all redness. The oil nicely sinks into the skin, leaving it hydrated and nourished!

Another oil that was kindly gifted to me is Fur oil. I was already familiar with the pubic oil because it was all over Instagram and I knew I needed to familiarize myself with it, based on reviews. Upon receiving the oil, I was immediately drawn by the aesthetics of the bottle and how they really put a lot of thought into designing it spherically! Once opened, I could smell the pleasant fragrance of light citrus, which immediately mesmerized me. The fragrance, however, dissipates after application, as Fur claims, without leaving any oil stains on my under garments, which is great because I was actually somewhat worried about that.

The product is also free of parabens, sulfates, silicones and phthalates and is also vegan and gluten free! Fur oil is also made with grape seed oil, jojoba oil, tea tree oil and another oil called clary sage seed oil, which soothes the pubic region to reduce any inflammation. Fur also recommends to use oil right after any hair removal sessions, which can also be used in the pubic region, head hair, face, under arms, butt and legs.

Again, with pubic oil, I love how Fur oil nourishes my skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth. My boyfriend, who is actually reluctant in trying any ‘beauty’ products that involve extra care for the body, has also used both pubic oils after some convincing. Without me even asking for his opinion after using it, he told me that he was so surprised at how soft his hairs became, when normally they would grow in prickly; he became an instant fan and now asks to use either of the oils!

Overall, I am extremely pleased and happy with both products from Bush Balm and Fur. Don’t by shy about using it! The oils are very nourishing and I definitely recommend it for anyone and everyone. Try it out!

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May 8, 2018 12:50 AM

Omg I need to try one these. I’ve never heard of anything products like these that are for my “bush” haha. Thanks for sharing !
Brian M

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