My Traveling Skincare Regimen

By Jaclyn Gruenbaum

Before a recent trip to Japan, my boyfriend tried to convince me that everything I needed to bring would fit in just a backpack (I mean, seriously?!). I was finally able to convince him I needed at least a carry-on suitcase, but as a self-proclaimed beauty junkie the thought of bringing even a carry-on across the world for 14 days gave me nightmares.

What if I needed to exfoliate using a very specific, non-TSA friendly mask? Or what if I got bored of using the same moisturizer and wanted to switch formulas? A million scenarios ran through my mind and none of them made me happy.


Let’s talk Sephora rewards points. I always save my Sephora points until one of my favorite products comes out in travel-friendly size or there is something new that I’ve been dying to try before taking the plunge on a full size.

Once I redeem my points, I stockpile my rewards in cosmetic bags organized by category, so I have a massive selection of TSA-friendly products to choose from every time I go on vacation. This strategy pushes me to try new things and I have found some of my holy grail skincare this way!  

If Sephora rewards aren’t your style, you can also hit up the checkout aisle of your favorite beauty stores for travel-sized beauty favs or decant your tried and true products into TSA-approved containers from the drugstore. This is especially helpful if you are on a super strict skincare regimen and don’t have the flexibility to try new products.



Once I got past my packing dilemma for Japan, it was onto the next – how to keep my skin from going rogue during a 15 hour flight. Makeup wipes are essential, to easily cleanse your skin once settled in. I also always bring a small moisturizer, lip balm and face mist in my purse so I can hydrate and refresh throughout the flight. For long-haul flights I recommend bringing a sheet mask, eye patches, and facial oil to keep super hydrated and de-puffed as well – it’s well worth the strange looks you’ll get from your fellow passengers! And if all else fails, you can always get the most important in-flight beauty necessity from your flight attendant: WATER!

What is your traveling beauty regimen? Let me know in the comments below!

Photo Sources: Refinery29,, and @ChrissyTeigen Instagram.
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Barbara Page
Barbara Page
May 28, 2018 6:51 AM

Love that photo! I add an extra layer of serum underneath my moisturizer before the flight, then I spritz and dot on moisturizer frequently during the flight and use a glossy lip product for some glow on my face.

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