How To Not “Shelfie-Shame” Yourself

By Amanda Klein 

During a time when everyone’s lives are displayed on a feed accessible at all times and just by the tap of your finger, it’s easy to get lost in the shoulds. We see bodies that we convince ourselves we “should” have, OOTD’s that tell us what we “should” be wearing, travel blogs that tell us where we “should” be going.

Luckily, this is also a time when women are learning to empower other women, and we are making more conscious efforts to love ourselves and focus on what is best for our own happiness. We are trying to minimize the shaming of our bodies, clothes, and daily lives, so while we are at it, let’s stop shaming our shelfies too.

Here are some ways to avoid shelfie-shaming:

Make the most of what you have by creating new skincare combos. See which products complement each other best that you may not have thought of before (if you’re unsure if two ingredients bode well together, definitely look into it!). For example, maybe you usually use a serum with your moisturizer every night; spice it up – try an oil instead. Try adding a dab of a hydrating mask to your moisturizer. Once or twice a week, I love mixing a tiny bit of Kiehls’s Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque or Glossier’s Moon Mask into Glossier’s Priming Moisturizer Rich to wake up extra hydrated.

Expert tip: Try misting at the end of your routine rather than at the beginning. Maybe you’ll find even better results! I’ve recently found that I love Herbivore’s Coconut Water mist best as a mid routine pre-jade rolling toner. However, I’ve recently tried misting Evian post evening routine, and my face stays hydrated for longer! (Hint: I only made these discoveries via shelfie experimentation!)

Seek out gift sets. Sephora crushes the set game especially over the holidays. If you are dying to try Drunk Elephant’s T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum, but you need the promise that it’s worth the money, look for the mini version in a set. I found it in a Sephora Favorites Beauty Sleep set this past fall/early winter, (spoiler alert: it is GOOD).

Look to others for inspiration rather than self deprecation. Pick a special product to purchase every few weeks or months that you’ve found in someone’s shelfie – let it push you to put in an extra hour of work that week or take the subway instead of hailing a cab (even if doing so makes you feel like you’re Carrie Bradshaw) – give yourself something to motivate you. Rather than feeling jealous, let your wanting encourage you to learn more about all of the products that you are dying to make yours. You’ll have so much knowledge, which is already a great feeling, and then when it comes time to add to your shelfie, you’ll know exactly what to get for your specific needs.

Spring clean and rearrange your shelves. Color code, bottle code (i.e. pots with pots, tubes with tubes), etc. Arrange by brand. Arrange by order of use or type of product (i.e. serums with serums). My favorite is to organize by type – that way each morning or night, I could look at all of my options for each step of my routine.


Skincare is a personalized pampering routine catered to you and only you. I personally don’t get a whole lot of alone time throughout the day, so I really value my time spent in the bathroom (it’s more glamorous than it sounds, FYI). Act accordingly based on your own needs and not someone else’s. Show yourself some extra love – rather than haphazardly patting on some moisturizer, take your time, and give yourself a well-deserved facial massage. You worked hard all day and likely at a pace of 1000. Slow down, and unwind for a bit while providing your skin with whatever it’s asking you for.

Photo Credit: Into The Gloss & Byrdie Beauty 
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Magic In The Everyday
April 11, 2018 2:13 PM

Love this so much! very important. Just made a sugar scrub for myself, and it was the perfect way to start my day


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