4 Of The Most Inspiring and Effective Influencers In The Fashion and Beauty World

We are living in a time where women are being celebrated and social media accounts are the source for your income. If you told me eight years ago that Instagram would be the primary source for people to make their incomes, I’d laugh. Because, how can a platform give a single person that much money? You’d be surprised. To be able to reach that goal, you need to first create a following, which is called in Instagram terms an “active audience”. An active audience is people that follow your page, that constantly interact with you by liking or comments on your photos or viewing your stories. The way in which these influencers make a living is by posting sponsored content, which they ask a fee for. Some influencers charge up to $10,000 if they have a following of over all million or more. 

Anyways, back to celebrating women. 

These top influencers became successful by taking risks, starting trends, and created game-changing ideas which all were transparently shown to their own individual public. This article is to celebrate those women. 

Emily Weiss 


She launched Into The Gloss in 2011, a beauty website all aimed toward reliable and interviews from celebrities like Miranda Kerr, for example. In 2014, she launched her first beauty line, Glossier. Glossier has earned $34.4 million venture capital to date. By the way, she’s only 31 and her niche is using beauty to unite women instead of divide them. 

Jaclyn Hill


She is a cosmetics guru, and beauty vlogger (video blogger) on Youtube. She started her channel by sitting on her living room floor in 2013, with a lamp next to her teaching only a select few, how to contour and highlight. Her friends decided to post her youtube video on Pinterest which ultimately made the video go viral. She now has paired up with Morphe Cosmetics to create multiple products together. She is 26 and her net worth is $1.5 million.

Huda Kattan

CNI Portraits

Huda has a unique niche. She connected the beauty world to Dubai. She was a blogger that created an Instagram, Youtube, and now a cosmetics line which is sold at Sephora. She started blogging in 2010 because her current job at the time, made her miserable. She hated finance. Now, she is one of the most powerful voices to millennials. One of the first products she has created is flash lashes, favorited by Kim Kardashian. They sell at $20.00 a pair. Between Youtube, Instagram, and her blog, Huda has produced an empire. 

Arielle Charnas


She is considered an “super influencer” in the Fashion world.  She started her blog around eight years ago, fresh out of college. Her reasoning for starting it was actually not a good reason at all, for a boy. Her boyfriend at the time was such a go-getter and in love with his job. So, naturally, Arielle decided to create a blog as a hobby. As soon as she started it, he broke up with her. She fueled her revenge into her blog and it took off. She now has over 1 million followers on Instagram and her niche is being very transparent. She documented her pregnancy with her followers and birth of her baby, Ruby. Some people just follow her for Ruby. She recently collaborated with Nordstrom and created a line called SomethingnavyxNordstrom which she made over $1 million in 24 hours. 

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