Tips for Battling Summer Breakouts


The hot summer weather can take a toll on your skin, causing it to sweat and be damaged by the sun. Many people break out more in the summertime because of all the sweat that is produced. Sweating can trap all of the makeup you are wearing into pores which causes blackheads and pimples.

Here are some tips to feel good in your skin during these beautiful months! 

Double Cleanse. This has been a trend going on recently, and it is very effective. Double cleansing is using a oil or gel based cleanser to get off all the dirt, pollution or makeup off the skin to prep for a deeper clean. Then, a cleanser that exfoliates or has charcoal in it. Charcoal draws out impurities that are left in the skin, which creates a brighter and clearer complexion. The double cleansing routine can be drying for some. If it is, please limit this to 3 times a week and follow up with a moisturizer. 

Tools. Using tools like the Clarisonic can actually be more harmful than good. Skincare devices with brush heads can trap bacteria which could cause breakouts. But, using tools isn’t a bad idea, what matters is the tool you get. I recommend using the Foreo Luna device for cleansing the skin because the bristles are bacteria resistant. I have used it and it really does work! 

Finding The Right Sunscreen. Using sunscreen is extremely important all year round. However, the sunscreen you are using could be clogging your pores. It’s taken be awhile to find a sunscreen that does not break me out but nonetheless I’ve found it. I recommend a mineral based sunscreen with UVA/UVB protection. Sunscreen with only UVA protection only fights one type of ray. The one that has worked for me and is super lightweight with no white cast and leaves a matte finish is Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV defense SPF 50. 

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Image: Vogue
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