4 Important Skincare Tips for Traveling



I haven’t posted lately because I have been traveling so much this summer. I was in Italy for a month, now spending most of my summer in North Carolina with family. I love traveling, however my skin has not been enjoying it. Flights can be extremely drying for the skin because of the minimal oxygen. Also, different time zones, weather, and environment can effect your skin the most! Here’s are some tips to stay flawless when being an avid traveller! 

Do not try new products. Do away with harsh ingredients or drying products that you do not normally use, like retinoids. Also, stay clear of new treatments or masks that you have not tried yet. Those could cause a bad effect on your skin, which is not ideal during travel. 

Hydrate. Traveling can cause dryness to the skin especially if you are visiting somewhere with a different climate. I would recommend going makeup free on the airplane and lather on heavy moisturizer or oil before the flight. By doing this, your skin will stay hydrated and healthy during the plane ride. Don’t forget to drink lots of water on the flight! Bonus tip: Mario Badescu’s facial spray is light and super refreshing to spritz your skin with on the plane.

Pack intelligently. Always prepare for the worst case scenario when opening your skincare/makeup bag. Buy travel size containers with leak proof seals to put your cleansers, shampoos, conditioners, or any other liquid in. Wrap delicate things like glass bottles (perfumes, oils) or eyeshadow palettes in bubble wrap or deep between clothes for cushion. 

SPF. No matter where you are going, SPF should be always included. Harmful rays are penetrating your skin even when the weather is cloudy and raining. 

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July 12, 2017 11:29 AM

These are all great tips!! Def again you can’t try new things when you’re traveling and you def have to think strategically when packing!

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