4 Most Common Skin Care Problems- SOLVED.

The range of skin care issues is extensive. However, many people face similar ones everyday. I decided to write a post on this since many people have these issues, they just don’t know how to solve them or talk to someone with the right answers. This post will solve all your issues regarding the embarrassment of bringing up personal beauty issues and actually finding the answers you need. 



What: A sty is a type of staph infection. It is the swelling of the glands located near your eyelashes. 

Why: Sties develop by not washing your face throughly enough. Dr. Susan Resnick, an optometrist in New York City says, “lack of sleep, having your body generally run down, and rubbing your eyes increases the chances of developing sties”. 

Solution: Cleansing the eyelids with baby shampoo on a lukewarm washcloth and applying warm compresses several times throughout the day. Baby potatoes are best for warm compresses. They stay warm for a long period of time and can be easily wrapped up in a towel for added comfort. 



What: Hard white bumps formed on any part of the face. 

Why: Keratin protein blocks a gland on your skin which causes a hard white ball under the skin. Dr. Doris Day, a famous dermatologist in New York City, explains “using heavy creams and not exfoliating enough can lead to the formation of keratin balls under the skin”. 

Solution: Dr. day advises that you should not remove milia by yourself. It will quickly cause scarring. Dermatologists use a special tool to dig out the keratin safely. Instead, to improve the milia, exfoliate more often and avoid cream with mineral oil. 

Severely Dry Cracked Lips


What: Deep cracks in the lips which are painful. Typically in the corner of the mouth and tends to bleed. Medical term is: Angular Cheilitis. 

Why: Dr. Carolyn Jacobs, a chicago dermatologist says, “due to irruption from yeast that live on the skin but grows in a higher moisture concentration which is near the corners of the mouth”. 

Solution: Give-up flavored glosses and lip balms. Do not lick chapped lips and apply lip treatment, like cortisone create avidly. Dr. Jacobs is a fan of Avene Gold Cream Lip Cream. Aquaphor and Vaseline work as well because they moisturize but also create a barrier to protect against cracked lips. 

Razor Bumps & Ingrown Hairs


What: Hair curls back under the skin which causes ingrown hairs, where as razor bumps are hairs that are out of the follicle but curl back into another follicle. 

Why: Caused by shaving. 

Solution: Prep-work is key. Use a fresh, sharp razor every time you shave. Dull razors harbor bacteria. Exfoliate before you shave. Shaving should be in the last step in the bath or shower in order for your hair to soften. Apply oil-free moisturizer afterwards. If you will be in the sun, apply sunscreen after moisturizing to prevent dark spots. 

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