Why You Should Be Freaking Out Over These Makeup Brushes


These new E.L.F makeup brushes that are set to sell in October, have to go on your beauty shopping list. Don’t worry vegans, they are 100% vegan and amazingly soft. These brushes have an incredibly simple design yet so unique and start at only $5 dollars. Supposedly, E.L.F. is not done. They stated in a Allure article that they may be expanding their line with tweezers etc! Since they are wallet friendly and quality brushes, these are definitely a great gift. 

I am so excited to try these out! Once they hit the stores in October I will definitely post a review and article on how to use them. Please contact me if you have any other suggestions you have for this blog or questions about these brushes. 

Tip: E.L.F. stands for Eyes Lips Face!

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