Moisturizing the Face


Moisturizing, arguably the most important step of the skin care process. Your skin’s texture, tone, and flexibility all depends on the hydration under the skin and on the skin’s surface. Oil, whether it’s in your hair or body, is the skin’s natural protectant to ensure that moisture does not leave the skin. Oil maintains skin’s texture and cell health. Adding extra moisture helps to maintain smoothness, softness, and overall health. After all, the skin is the largest organ in your body, why not take care of it?

Facial moisturizers 

Petroleum-Based moisturizer- Very effective at locking in moisture. However, they can clog pores and be sticky. Suitable for mature skin and very dry skin types. Examples of petroleum-based moisturizer is Vaseline or Aquaphor. 

Vegetable Oils- Sometimes used as a base for other moisturizers. Not really effective or recommended for skin. Best suitable for hair masks or a heavy body mask. 

  • Ingredients such as Vitamin E, Collagen, Proteins, Hormones, and Amino Acids are usually added to moisturizer. (I will be posting an article on common skin care definitions and makeup definitions soon).

Moisturizers for all skin types

Dry Skin- Since dry skin is always tight and lacking luster, it needs a oil-based heavy moisturizer that absorbs into the skin completely. Oils are more effective at avoiding water evaporation. Look for ingredients like propylene glycol, a chemical that aids hydration. 

Normal skin- Normal skin already has a healthy balance of moisture. However, a lightweight water-based moisturizer will keep your skin healthy and stay normal. Normal skin types can change if not properly taken care of. 

Oily/Combination skin- Both skin types benefit from oil-free water-based moisturizers. Oil-free moisturizers are made from synthetic chemicals and contain very little to no oils or animal fat. If you have oily skin, use moisturizer with a light hand. It is still very important to use moisturizer though. Moisturizers that leave a matte-finish are best for your skin type. 

Sensitive skinMoisturizers that do not contain any fragrance are especially good for sensitive skin. Although, you should look for fragrance free for all skin types. Usually, fragrances disrupt skin and cause inflammation. I am a big believer of frangence free products for all skin types. 

Extra dry/Mature skinMature skin requires anti-aging products (if you are open to anti-aging products) and deep moisture. Oils, rich creams, and balms are all suitable products formulated for both these skin types. Look for petrolatum based moisturizer that contain ingredients such as latic acid or AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) which prevents the dry skin. 

Extra tips

  • Patting moisturizer into your cheek bones AFTER foundation to give a glow and make your foundation look more natural.
  • For maximum results, laying creams with oils or balms over top.
  • Create a tinted moisturizer but combining your foundation and moisturizer.
  • Use a nickel sized amount for your entire face and neck.
  • Press product(s) into skin with upward and outward strokes.
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