24-hour Drink Menu for Better Skin

According to Marie Claire, below is the best way to drink yourself to better skin. I have personally tried this 24-hour drink “menu” and actually, it helped a lot. After trying this out and loving it, I’ve decided to tell you all about this. Below I will break down why these drinks were chosen and why I loved this drink “cleanse”. After all, it’s whats on the inside that counts. Keep reading for details!


Water- Water hydrates your skin which ultimately makes your skin look glowing, plumper, and more awake. I didn’t love having to drink plain water through out the day so I switched it up with fancier water, aka seltzer. 

Kale- It is one of the best multi-vitamin foods for your skin. Kale contains high levels of Vitamin A (aka the anti-aging vitamin) and helps with cell turnover for repairing that summer sunburn. Kale contains other vitamins such as, Vitamin C and copper. It goes without saying, kale is a super skin food. 

Soy Milk- If you need to have coffee in the morning, this step is a must. However, I try to limit the amount of coffee I drink per say because personally, I find it makes my skin dull and lack luster. Although, instead of adding regular milk or half & half, soy milk is a great alternative. Soy milk contains ingredients that supports and protects collagen. An added bonus, it reduces the discoloration and darkening of your skin. 

Green Tea- Just like kale, green tea is another super skin food. It contains antioxidants  that help fight the skin from UV radiation and redness caused by inflammation (pimples). 

Pomegranate Juice- The mama of super foods. Pomegranate juice contains twice as many antioxidants than green tea and is incredibly assisting to collagen growth. I loved drinking this, mostly because it was a mix up from regular water and kale which tastes like grass (sorry). I found that if I watered it down a little, it tasted very good. 

Cucumber Water- This was my favorite part! Maybe it was because I loved drinking flavored water, finally a switch up from regular water. I found that this drink in-particular made my skin so hydrated and glowing. Since cucumbers are 99% water based, they definitely did hydrate my skin well. But, cucumbers are also filled with minerals such as magnesium and potassium which help with your PH balance. 

My thoughts:

I loved this “challenge” of a drink menu. The parts I didn’t like were finding if Dunkin Donuts had soy milk (they do) and if Starbucks had soy milk (they didn’t). My favorite part was the cucumber water, I loved it so much I even added lemons and blueberries. My skin thanked me and yes, I would definitely do it again for a longer period of time. If you decide or have done this 24-hour drink menu please comment! I would love to hear from you 🙂  ~Victoria xx


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